E-Discovery & Information Governance Consulting

Gain competitive advantage and peace of mind with a risk-aware information strategy. Concerned about locating important data when you need it? Concerned about the cost of over-preservation? Concerned about moving data housed within the European Union? LitSmart E-Discovery helps clients develop policies and protocols for managing data that minimize cost and risk in just about any circumstance.

Information Governance & Records Management

Comprehensive information governance and records management strategies can be an immense driver of cost savings for organizations. With the exponential growth in data, it is simply too risky and too costly for organizations to be without effective policies that govern data management, including how data will be stored and for how long, what data serves a legitimate business purpose and what data can be deleted. We routinely develop information governance protocols, including legal hold and data retention policies, and guide our clients through the implementation process. 

International Data

When your business crosses borders, your information does too. LitSmart helps clients navigate the complicated and evolving international data privacy and cross-border data transfer laws to ensure they are fulfilling their legal and ethical obligations. With decades of international experience and locations throughout the world, LitSmart is ideally suited to handle international data with an eye on complying with local laws, and avoiding fines and sanctions.

Privacy Consulting

Privacy Consulting

Data breaches are occurring throughout the world on a daily basis and they can have a significant impact on a company’s reputation and livelihood. We guide our clients through preparing for such events by designing and implementing strong privacy measures and response plans. We deliver individualized solutions for management teams in a format that is easily digested by IT teams. We also help our clients navigate complex privacy regulations, whether imposed by state, federal or international law.

E-Discovery Technology

Cutting edge technology only works if you are an industry thought leader. With our team’s expertise in the application and development of key e-discovery technology leading is just part of how we work.

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The People Behind It All

There’s no team like LitSmart in the e-discovery space. Within the law firm environment, we have built a culture that fosters creativity, innovation and teamwork.

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