Balancing cost and level of service is a struggle for many organizations. LitSmart E-Discovery breaks the mold with an innovative approach to bundling services that delivers unparalleled value to your organization. We do not want the cost of e-discovery to determine the course of your dispute or investigation. Our value-based model means that you can predict your e-discovery costs from the outset, sustainably manage discovery expenses and focus your attention elsewhere.

Operational E-Discovery Pricing 

Vendor 1 Vendor 2
Legal Hold Tracking Included Itemized Itemized
Project Management Included Hourly Hourly
Collection Included Per GB Per Custodian
Loading Included Per GB Per GB
Early Case Assessment Included Hourly Hourly
Processing Included Per GB Per GB
Analytics Included Per Document Hourly
Predictive Coding Included Per Document Per GB
User Fees Included Per User Per User
Production Included Per Document Per GB
Hosting Included Per GB / Monthly Per GB / Monthly


Document Review Pricing

LitSmart's document review services are provided by veterans in pre-trial discovery with experience in utilizing cutting edge technology to narrow data sets and streamline review. The following are included with LitSmart's standard document review services:

  • Early case assessment and strategy
  • Development of review protocols
  • Review management
  • Line level review
  • High level QC review
  • Privilege review
  • Use of analytics technologies and predictive coding
  • Foreign language review
  • Daily reporting on substance of documents
  • Daily reporting on review metrics

Additional related services include:

  • Privilege logs
  • Discovery responses
  • Deposition preparation
  • Development of timelines and exhibits
  • Mediation, arbitration and trial preparation

The cost of document review services varies depending on type of review, experience required and foreign language needs. We typically bill by the hour but regularly enter into alternative and customizable agreements such as flat fee and per page pricing.