E-Discovery Operations

Our process is key. LitSmart developed an integrated workflow for all e-discovery activities. Project managers and data analysts, under the supervision of experienced e-discovery attorneys, act as one, providing seamless communication and execution of every task. Our clients have peace of mind that their data — from preservation through collection — is being handled by experts. 

Preservation & Collection


Preservation, Identification, Collection

From the beginning LitSmart’s project managers are working with internal IT to create and disseminate legal holds. We assist with the identification of potentially relevant data by participating in interviews with individuals who may have relevant information and internal IT teams who understand internal data structures. At every opportunity we target collections to only relevant data. Our suite of industry best collection tools gathers data of all forms while maintaining metadata and chain of custody.



Early Case Assessment, Processing, Analytics, Predictive Coding

LitSmart’s analysis is the definitive process for separating signal from noise. We cull the noise and use a combination of attorneys, subject-matter experts and today’s most powerful algorithms and machine learning to build the most relevant, accurate and defensible document package. 



The notion that document review can truly be “intelligent” is often overlooked. We believe strongly that review should not just be a “click the button” exercise. Indeed, document review should assist clients in developing legal strategies and provide support to adjusting those strategies when warranted. Highly experienced LitSmart attorneys and paralegals manage document reviews conducted onsite by vetted, licensed attorneys with a focus not only on efficiency and accuracy but also on providing valuable insight. 


Accurate & Timely

When it comes to production, experience counts. Our senior project managers average 15+ years of experience leading large-scale e-discovery projects in hundreds of domestic and international jurisdictions. We follow comprehensive QC steps guided by standard operating procedures we developed to ensure confidentiality and privilege concerns are addressed. We are intimately familiar with discovery rules and help guide clients towards meeting production deadlines and goals. 

E-Discovery Technology

Cutting edge technology only works if you are an industry thought leader. With our team’s expertise in the application and development of key e-discovery technology leading is just part of how we work.

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The People Behind It All

There’s no team like LitSmart in the e-discovery space. Within the law firm environment, we have built a culture that fosters creativity, innovation and teamwork.

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