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LitSmart® E-Discovery is your partner in high stakes e-discovery matters. Our collaborative team of attorneys, project managers and data analysts is dedicated to providing personalized solutions to your e-discovery needs with a focus on defensibility, efficiency and controlling costs.

See Our Comprehensive Approach
See Our Comprehensive Approach

LitSmart E-Discovery

Don’t just litigate. LitSmart®! See how our award-winning team at LitSmart® leverages decades of experience in complex litigation, e-discovery and project management with best of breed technology in-house to provide comprehensive solutions that are superior to technology vendors or traditional law firms. Our team is the choice for savvy, streamlined and smart e-discovery.

  • Myles McLeod
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    Quarterly Spotlight On..... Senior Project Manager Myles McLeod

    Our first ever Quarterly Spotlight focuses on Myles McLeod, a Senior Project Manager with LitSmart. Myles is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, after which he served as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy where he amassed 1,000 flight hours, completed 250 arrested carrier landings, managed a group of 30+ aircraft technicians, and served as an Electronic Warfare Tactics instructor. He is also an accomplished long-distance runner, having competed in ultramarathons throughout the US. Scott O'Neal was fortunate to learn more about what makes Myles such a valuable team member and leader.

  • Ten Tips to Becoming Savvy in E-Discovery Databases for the Non-Expert
    Technology Advantage

    Ten Tips to Becoming Savvy in E-Discovery Databases for the Non-Expert

    A couple of weeks ago, I had an enlightening conversation with an attorney who recently joined our firm. He is a fairly experienced database user who asked me if we had specific database training for attorneys and made an interesting comment: "I don't just want to know how it works; I want to know how to really use it." In other words, how can I leverage e-discovery technology in order to make my job more efficient, more effectual and offer better value for my client?

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    Kilpatrick Townsend’s LitSmart® E-Discovery Team Announces the Addition of 5 New E-Discovery Experts

    Kilpatrick Townsend’s LitSmart® E-Discovery Team is pleased to welcome five new e-discovery experts to its team: Senior E-Discovery Attorneys Virginia Ring and Jim Hefferan; Senior Project Managers Phil Moon and Dave Welch; and Senior Analyst Shazell Bush. The award-winning LitSmart® E-Discovery Team has now grown to 26 permanent employees stationed in offices across the US and plans to continue to grow over the next year.