There’s no team like LitSmart in the e-discovery space. Within the law firm environment, we have built a culture that fosters creativity, innovation and teamwork. We support individual professional and personal growth by providing team members with opportunities to gain new skill sets and broaden their expertise. At the same time, we encourage cooperation and collaboration among team members by providing them with the space, guidance and tools to work together to solve day-to-day challenges. Our culture enables our collection of legal, project management and technology experts to focus on your success. 

Our team members are also highly skilled and highly certified, with 30+ certifications and include: Project Management Professionals®; Relativity Certified Masters; Relativity Certified Administrators; Relativity Certified Users; Relativity Project Management Specialists; Relativity Assisted Review Specialists; Relativity Certified Experts; LAW PreDiscovery Experts; Nuix Certified Administrators; Certified E-Discovery Experts; EnCase Certified Examiners; ISFCE Certified Computer Examiners. Team members are IAPP trained in EU and US Data Privacy. Beyond law degrees, our team members hold advanced degrees in information systems, computer sciences, cybersecurity and business. Simply put - we hire and train only the best.

Learn about each team and the individuals who will work on your case.

  • Legal

    LitSmart E-Discovery’s licensed attorneys and paralegals average 15+ years of experience in high stakes litigation and e-discovery in law firm, in-house and vendor settings. Our attorneys provide guidance regarding a variety of subjects from case-specific discovery standards and ESI protocols to legal hold optimization and preservation to domestic and international data privacy standards. In addition, our attorneys work closely with our project managers and analysts to ensure the operational work is conducted in an efficient but defensible manner.

  • Project Management

    LitSmart E-Discovery’s project managers, all of whom are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®), handle all operational e-discovery needs for clients, including project management consultation, case and budget planning and tracking, financial reporting, identification and collection of ESI, technology training, the use of analytics and technology-assisted review, and document review coordination. They average 15+ years of experience in electronic discovery, hold numerous advanced degrees including JD, MBA, and MIS, and are highly certified in electronic discovery.

  • Data Analysis

    The backbone of any e-discovery team is its data analysts. LitSmart E-Discovery is supported by a team of highly certified data analysts with years of experience in corporate, law firm and vendor settings. All of our analysts are required to be Relativity Certified Administrators (RCAs) and many have additional certifications including: Relativity Certified User, Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS), LAW PreDiscovery Certification, Ipro – eCapture and Eclipse Administrator Certification, Harvester Certified Specialist and EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE). They work closely with the team’s project managers to QC and troubleshoot incoming and outgoing data. They are creative, intuitive, and routinely develop unique solutions to the inevitable issues that arise with electronic data.

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