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In 2017, the LitSmart® E-Discovery Team developed an application in Relativity to automate the process of exporting and manually stamping trial exhibits. LitSmart was honored as a finalist for the 2017 Relativity Innovation Award for their LitSmart® Exhibit Sticker. Since its rollout, the application has been implemented successfully by dozens of case teams, clients and other law firms. 

When a 3:00 a.m. phone call came in from a distressed paralegal who needed exhibit stickers by 8:00 a.m., we were charged with exporting and stamping more than 500 potential trial exhibits in a mere five hours. Not only did we face a time crunch, but the standard process involved moving the documents out of Relativity and into an application that generically placed digital stickers which then required manual correction of the stickers' placement on the documents. We knew there had to be a better way.

We developed the LitSmart® Exhibit Sticker as that better way. The application fully integrates with Relativity and enables users to add exhibit stickers seamlessly by creating a saved search, identifying their documents, and inserting the digital stickers with the click of a button — all without leaving the platform. The application features auto-incrementing, auto-numbering and multiple options for sticker placement, background color and font. As a result, the stickers can be tailored to the case and court. Using the LitSmart® Exhibit Sticker, we were able to stamp 500 exhibits in about five minutes, which is 60 times faster than the five hours it would have taken the team to manually stamp the exhibits. The exhibit numbers are also tracked automatically in Relativity in the Sticker Numbering field.

We've included a video demonstration of the LitSmart® Exhibit Sticker below followed by step-by-step screenshots of the application and a pdf of these steps that you can download. We've also included our video presentation of the LitSmart® Exhibit Sticker at Relativity Fest 2017.  

If you would like to learn more about the LitSmart® Exhibit Sticker, please contact Craig Cannon at or

Video demonstration of the LitSmart® Exhibit Sticker


Step-by-Step Screenshots of the LitSmart® Exhibit Sticker

Step 1

Set up the Saved Search and choose "Exhibit Stickers" from the dropdown.

Step 2

Enter the exhibit information into the Exhibit Sticker window.

You can choose from 10 colors, including white, blue and yellow.


Step 3

Preview the sticker to ensure all information is included, font and color are correct, and placement is accurate.

Step 4

Create the exhibits with the click of a button.

Step 5

Save the zip file of your completed exhibits.

Your Sticker Numbering field has been updated.

Step 6

Breathe a sigh of relief!

Since launching the application, we have rolled out a comprehensive firm-wide training program to build awareness with attorneys and educate paralegals, case assistants, and trial technicians on how to use it effectively. Our paralegals and case teams have found the application to be user-friendly and it significantly decreases the amount of time they have to spend creating exhibits. Also, when attorneys make last minute changes to an exhibit list, we are able to quickly replace documents without having to redo an entire day’s (or night’s) work.

Get the PDF of the Step-by-Step Screenshots of the LitSmart® Exhibit Sticker

Download our PDF with these steps and larger screenshot images. 

Download Now

LitSmart® Exhibit Sticker Presentation

Relativity Fest 2017


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